June 5th, 2007

YatPundit: Thoughts on Scooter...

Jane Hamsher has a good summary of Libby's 30-month sentence at Firedoglake:

It was rendered just a little bit easier today when Reggie Walton recognized what Scooter Libby and his cronies did not Scooter is not a great man, he's a common crook and in the eyes of the law he ought to go to jail. This country will be just a little bit better tonight, a little bit healthier and closer to a place where faith in government and our system of justice can be restored because Libby and all his Very Important Friends were not able to hornswoggle Reggie Walton like they have been so many journalists who have fallen down on the job and failed to ask the kind of appropriate questions that should have kept us from getting to this place to begin with.

And Andrew Cohen at CBS makes an interesting point:

No, it's not a great stretch to compare the somber Libby with the flighty Hilton; they both got more prison time than they would have received from their respective judges had they been anonymous schleps.

(h/t TalkLeft)

I just hope that Judge Walton denies Libby bail while he appeals. If you or I are convicted of a federal crime, they're going to cart us off right quickly, whereas politicians get all this extra time to put their affairs in order.

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YatPundit: If Conyers is truly pissed off...

...and it sounds like he is here...will he advocate that the CBC withdraw its sponsorship of a Democratic Presidential Debate on Faux?

Yesterday, Fox News Channel broke the story of Rep. William Jefferson’s indictment with video of Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers greeting Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at a recent Judiciary Committee hearing. The network apologized on-air for airing the wrong video; however, they did not personally apologize to Mr. Conyers or describe the video they aired the previous day. Chairman Conyers responded today:

“Fox News has a history of inappropriate on-air mistakes that are neither fair, nor balanced. This type of disrespect for people of color should no longer be tolerated. I am personally offended by the network’s complete disregard for accuracy in reporting and lackluster on-air apology.”

(h/t Crooks and Liars)

What's the point of outrage if you're going to turn around and play ball with the same people that think you all look alike?

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