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via Crooks and Liars and ScienceBlogs:

Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS

From their Introduction:

Instead of a people seeking to govern themselves, the most nobleand civic thing they can do in establishing their nation or society,or in laying down laws by which the structure of their governmentsand their inhabitants must conform is to wholeheartedly embracethe moral laws of God as their constitutions, without ever seekingto amend such morality; and all proposed bills, laws, statutes,ordinances, judgments and customs be based on the moral laws ofGod while vigorously enforcing such morality. Any people thatfail to do that manifest themselves to be stark heathens indeeddespite their deceptive claims of being a great nation, a nobleand civilized people.

From their page "Against Homosexuality:"

The terrible influence of the crime of homosexuality also extendsitself in the societies by homosexuals being allowed to function in the societies, by them becoming prominent members of communities, and becoming leaders and serving in various positions of government. In this way, homosexuals seek to remove all rightful stigmatization ofhomosexuality from the societies by making laws in favor of homosexuality. Again, this is equivalent to murderers going unpunishedand being allowed to function in the societies as prominent leaders ofthe societies and being allowed to serve in government to make laws infavor of murder.

and becoming leaders and serving in various positions of government

see, it's all J. Edgar Hoover's fault...

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