YatPundit (yatpundit) wrote,

YatPundit: Eloquent

What Blumenthal said:

No president has had a more disastrous European trip since President Reagan placed a wreath on the graves of SS soldiers in the Bitburg cemetery. Yet Reagan's mistake was unintentional and symbolic, a temporary and superficial setback, doing no real damage to U.S. foreign relations, while Bush's blunders not only reinforced counterproductive policies but also created a new one with Russia that has the potential of profoundly undermining U.S. national security interests for years to come.

I remember how Trudeau used the Bitburg incident to mock Reagan aid Michael Deaver, who planned that cemetery visit, showing Mike "Bitburg" Deaver trying to get a gig as a lobbyist after such a monumental screwup. That sort of humor isn't what it used to be, because mocking current and former BushCo hacks is so much shooting fish in a barrel.

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