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YatPundit: Fundigelicals' concerns with the Mittster...

Radical Cleric Dobson has already come out against Giuliani, and the rank-and-file fundigelicals have their concerns about Romney:

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Here's the problem with electing a Mormon president, as Jason Thurman sees it: "I don't believe he would be guided by God."

Thurman, 26, is tidying the annotated Bibles in the Shepherd's Fold bookstore. Over by the rack of Christian CDs, his co-worker Marty Thomas raises a similar concern.

"When it comes right down to it," says Thomas, 40, "a Mormon's strength is human. A Christian person's strength is superhuman. I want [a president] who has that extra on his side."

Of course, there are some who are a bit more pragmatic:

This is not an arcane theological dispute; to some born-again Christians, it's at the very core of presidential leadership. If Romney does not understand what they take to be God's true nature, can he still receive divine guidance? If he doesn't accept the Trinity as they conceptualize it, can he still be filled with the strength of the Holy Spirit?

Some evangelicals answer "yes" to such questions: "Just because he's Mormon doesn't mean God can't bless the country through him," says Carissa James, 36, a pastor's wife in this suburban community of 50,000.

I wonder if this woman's husband realizes she's this far off the reservation?

The article is an interesting read. Were the Mittster to become the front-runner, the GOP could form a circular firing squad that has only been rivalled by Democrats. Romney talks the talk, but he walks a strict Mormon walk. His moral values are in line with rank-and-file fundigelicals, but his theology is out the box as far as their pastors are concerned. With the radical clerics calling Romney's church a cult and the average redneck/racist/homophobe Republican voter wanting to maintain control of the white house, Romney presents an even greater dilemma than Rudy.

If Romney starts winning primaries, we could see some neat Republican fratricide. Pass the popcorn.

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