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YatPundit (dot com)

New Orleans, Politics, Funky Music, Hubig's Pies

2 November
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This is the LiveJournal "echo" of my New Orleans blog, YatPundit. If you'd like to read my food and streetcar blogs, as well as my personal posts, check out mysticknyght, which is my "primary" LJ.

Friending this LJ: No problem, go ahead, but there are no "friends-only" posts here. If you want to be "mutual friends," add mysticknyght.

I'm a former high school history teacher who now does computer consulting, training, and writing. I enjoyed my time in the classroom, but quickly realized I needed to do something that would actually pay the rent. Married, father of two boys, 10 and 16. Was born just north of Boston, but have lived in New Orleans since I was 2, so that makes me a native. Education-wise, I'm a product of public and Catholic schools, and the University of New Orleans (where I was in Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity). I'm also a 32nd-degree Mason, active in Albert Pike Lodge #376 and Kosmos Lodge #171 and the New Orleans Valley of the A.A.S.R.

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YatPundit is subtitled "New Orleans, Politics, Funky Music, and Hubig's Pies." That sums it up nicely. Conservatives be forewarned: I'm very much a totally partisan and shameless Liberal Democrat. If your head explodes, don't blame me.

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